Toro Training OPTIONS


Toro Training is a strength and conditioning facility in Brookfield, CT. We are not your typical gym. Whether through group classes, personal training, or sport specific training, we go above and beyond to guide you through a life of better health and fitness. From sedentary individuals who want to take back their lives to higher level athletes looking to compete, there is a place here for everyone.

Functional Fitness Classes
Performance training is the most effective way to be ready for all of the challenges of your life.



Personal Training
For the most attention, look to our highly qualified coaches to design a program for you and guide you through your workouts.


Sport Specific or Team Training
Offered as either personal training with an individual or entire teams in a group, we can structure a program that will help you get better at your sport.



Program Design
This is for the individual who has the fundamentals to workout on their own, but needs a coach to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and deliver them a program.



1114B Federal Rd
Brookfield CT 06804


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