Virtual Personal Training

Our gym is currently closed due to COVID 19. Rather than do nothing, I decided to create a new program for my members online and at home. 
What you get:
- A new, different workout EVERY DAY
- Video instruction to help guide you through the movements
- The ability to log your scores, ask questions, and interact with other online members
What makes us different than other online programs:
-programming with the idea that most people do not live in large homes with perfect lighting and tons of equipment
-exercises are broken down simply and there is always a scale for every level
-we are not run by a corporation. What this means, is we truly care about your health and fitness. 
-we have a sense of humor
$7.99/month if you have been financially hit hard by COVID 19 (Please don't be a toilet paper hoarder and abuse this)
If anyone has very specific needs and wants to contact Coach Rob directly, they must become a paying member of our gym-please contact us to discuss. 
How to Start:
1. Email us indicating your interest-we will give you access to the programs
2. Download an app called Sugarwod and find Toro Training
3. Enjoy a week on us
4. Start getting fit! For a sample of the videos, please check out our Youtube channel.

5 Production Drive
Brookfield CT 06804



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