Work Smarter

Are you bored? Are you lost?

Are you stuck?

An hour on an elliptical. A weight routine a friend gave you or you saw online. ZERO results. 

We understand. Fitness can be frustrating when the results are minimal and the routine is the same. 

AT TORO, we will change your concept of fitness.

Our workouts are designed with a purpose. You will have fun and become stronger and fitter than you ever dreamed. 

We combine group community fitness classes with flexible open gym hours to fit your needs. 

In order to get started, you must attend a beginners program. We have a special dedicated coach for beginners that will take the time to get you up to speed to join in on regular classes or open gym hours. 

Current Covid Rules

The CDC has removed mask restrictions for vaccinated individuals!!!

Masks are strongly recommended if you are not vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, there is zero judgment but you must sign an extra waiver to train mask free.