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The Best Results

Personal Training

Online or in person


Whether in the gym or online, the majority of my hours are dedicated to personal training. Nothing improves your fitness as well as getting the full attention of a coach for an hour. 


1 Hour-$80

10 Hour Sessions-$750

1 Hour at YOUR house-$125

If you have a friend or friends, my rate does not change. So go ahead and split the cost!





Personal Training Testimonials


Why do I train with Rob????

Because he is the best Trainer available in Connecticut - Why? He does his homework constantly - in all disciplines to tailor a program that is unique to his clients. In my case I've been lifting weights and working out at a high level most of my life but I also experienced 8 operations on my knees, shoulder, arm, and lower back while playing football in college and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes as an Airborne Ranger in the Army. Rob, who I affectionately call the "Hurt Locker" smokes me on a regular basis which is improving my fitness and strength exponentially. I'm performing at a level that is superior to when I was in college. And because I'm on the road in planes, trains, and automobiles every week for my work, the routines that he teaches me along with other healthy attributes allow me to mix it up for my workouts in Fitness Centers all over the USA. Rob is an important part of my fitness improvements and he has a great demeanor - teaches but pushes too so you improve every time. If you are not choosing Rob to augment your workout routine you are missing out!!!"

W. Frank Johnston


I have trained with Rob now for two years. He is the 6th trainer I've had, and without a doubt the most conscientious, well prepared, effective trainer I've ever known. I don't think in two years we have done the same workout twice. He knows what he is doing, makes it interesting, and the results are twofold. I'm anxious to train with him and my body is in great shape. At 63 my balance and strength are far superior to any of my contemporaries.

I had a torn rotator cuff that the Hospital for Special Surgery did not want to fix since it was so far gone. Rob strengthened the other muscles around it, and I now have complete use of the arm, and have no trouble lifting weights, including putting my wife's heavy suitcase in the over head compartment on the plane. Thanks Rob for a great job!

Bruce Niles


I have been training with Rob for over a year and have seen great results physically as well as understanding the importance diet. The longest I have ever stayed with a program has not been more than a few weeks to a month, but working with Rob gives me the motivation to stay with it, learn new exercises and see results.

Rob Exposito


I started training with Rob in May 2009 and it was the best decision I've made for myself. When it comes to working out, I am easily bored and was never able to stick with any exercise plan for very long, until I meet Rob. I'm not mindlessly sitting on some machine counting reps time after time, a surefire way for boredom to set in. Rob's workouts challenge both my body and my brain at times. The workouts are planed and tailored to meet my ability level; with just a little nudge to push a little farther. Rob is a stickler about proper form and makes sure I always have it to prevent injury. It's never a one workout fits all scenario; every session is different, just what I need!

Rob himself is an honest, dependable, hardworking individual who is dedicated to his clients and cares about their progress. He is someone who truly loves his job and it shows. His training style is one of a coach who provides instruction and encouragement to help me improve or convince me I can do something even though my brain doesn't think I can. You know what? He's always right. I can do it if I "get out of my head", as he puts it. He has proven that many times over! Oh, by the way, he never raises his voice, but I did deserve the stern voice once when I did something I knew was wrong (okay something stupid) and could have potentially hurt myself.

Rob is continually educating himself and believes in sharing his wealth of knowledge with his clients making each session a bit of a learning experience. During a session, he doesn't just tell you what to do, he will also explain why. It could be something as simple as telling me to take a deep breath before a lift to protect my spine, a tidbit of information which I can also use in everyday life. If you have a question, he will more than happy to answer it.

In addition to the workouts, Rob also provides nutritional advice which is advice he follows himself, in other words, he practices what he preaches. He has helped me revamp my eating habits to be healthier. After a while, I began to notice how much better I felt and how much more energy I had with some simple changes to my diet. If I relapse into the bad eating habits, I begin to notice how horrible I feel and (I confess - to Rob as well) it's not a good feeling.

I've gotten healthier and stronger since I started training and by stronger I don't mean muscular. Everyday chores have become easier, much easier, especially the yard work! There is a great deal of satisfaction when you can move a rock yourself, one that you couldn't budge a few months prior! As an added benefit, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped and my persistent lower back discomfort is non-existent! Rob is a positive influence in my life.

My friends ask me how long I plan on continuing to train with Rob. My answer, for as long as I can!

Charlene German

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