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April 11-April 17


A. Back Squat 6-4-2@65% rest 4 min



3 rounds

10 thrusters

12 pull ups

3 rounds

10 front squats

15 ring rows

rest 60 after each round

increase weight after each round


7 min amrap

7 hspu-sub here is strict db press

7 power clean@135/95

15 min amrap

50 ft bear crawl-hswalk ok

5 sandbag 2 shoulder

10 box hspu OR 10-15 push ups

cash out

Arnold Pressx20x3

db front raisex20x3

2 minute rest after each set

Wednesday 2 sets

10 alternating songle leg rdl

10 glute airplanes

25ft single arm kb carry

3 sets

10 hollow rocks

3 strict pull ups

3 strict dips 5 swings 10 sets

10 alt db snatch

2-4 muscle ups OR pull ups OR t2b

rest 30 after each round

10 min amrap 5 power clean@155/105 (you may snatch 115/75

10 box jump overs

15 ghd or 20 tuck or v ups


45 min grunt work

400 m run

2 wall walks

25 ft bear hug carry

10 push ups

20 air squats

sled push up and backx3


A. Clean Deadlift+Clean+hang clean 6 sets @65% B. bottoms up Front Squatx3X5@65,70,75,80,85%

4 rounds

50 ft db Fr lunge

10 alternating db step ups

20 cal ski

rest 90 after each round

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