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August 1-August 6

Backed off


10 Min EMOM

Min1-2 Power Clean @60%

Min2-10 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Min EMOM

Min1-1 Legless RC+1 Rope Climb

Min2-7 Strict HSPU

10 Min EMOM

Min1-2 Power Snatch@60%

Min2-50 DU

10 Min EMOM

Min1-5 Strict Pullups (advanced 3 Ring MU)

Min2-5 Dips (Advanced 3 barmu)


8 min EMOM

6-8 Double DB Snatch

3 sets

8 Double DB Single LEG RDL/side

Rest 30

20 Step ups

Rest 2 min

3 sets

5 min AMRAP

10 alternating DB snatch

10 DB Push Press

10 Db Front Squats

*if barbell, go really light


10 min EMOM

1-10 left side plank clamshells

2-10 left side plank powell raises

3-10 right side plank clamshells

4-10 right side plank powell raises

5-5 push ups to downward dog

24 min EMOM

1-8-10 devil press

2-30 seconds of skater squats

3-30 secs shoulder taps

4-6-8 box jump overs (high if you want)


4 sets

8 Rear foot elevated split squat/side

rest 30

16 russian kbs

rest 30

12 single leg glute bridge/side

rest 2

4 rounds

800M Run

20 OHS-light (look for close to UB here)


TBD-some Games FUN


TBD-some Games FUN

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