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August 15-20


A. Back Squatx5x3@70%

B. 3 sets

12 Dual KB FR Step Ups

12 Dual KB Single Leg RDL (6/side)

6 rounds-1 every 2 minutes

125/100M Ski

10 Wall Balls

1 Snatch-start @60% and add weight each round if you can


5 rounds

21/15 cal Row

12 Alt db snatch

6 MU/CTB/Pullup

Rest 1 min after each round

5 minute easy aerobic in between pieces

5 rounds

21/15 cal C2 Bike

12 T2B


Rest 1 min after each round


A. Deadliftx10x4(first 5 pause at knee+second 5 regular)@55-60%

B. 3 sets

20 GHD Hip extensions or Good mornings

15 Terminal Knee Extensions/side

6 rounds-1 set every 2 min

125/100M Row

6 HIGH box Jump overs

1 Clean-start at 65% and build


4 sets- 1 set every 10 min

400M Run

1000M Bike

500M Ski


A1. Bench

15-12-9-9: increase weight each set

A2. Wide Grip Pull Up-AMRAP (-2), this means do as many as possible minus 2 reps!

B. 3 sets

10 half kneeling landmine press/arm

40 sec FLR on rings if possible

10 min MAX

1000M Row

30 BarMU (sub is 30 Strict Pull ups/30 dips broken in sets)



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