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Dec 26-Dec 31

Updated: Dec 30, 2022


A. Back Squatx2x10-build from 70% to 95%

50 ft front rack lunge

30 sto@95/65

15 barmu ctb or pullup

rest 2 min

100 ft front rack lunge

30 t2b

50 push ups

rest 2 min

150 ft front rack lunge

pick two of the movements from above and repeat


A. Hang Snatch+OHS+ Snatch+Snatch


B. Build to a heavy double

:30 max assault bike

Rest 90

:30 max bike

:30 max t2b

Rest 2 min

:30 max assault bike

:30 max t2b

:30 max hswalk/bear crawl

Rest 3 min

:30 max bar facing burpee

rest 90

:30 max bar facing burpee

:30 max t2b

rest 2 min

:30 max bar facing burpee

:30 max t2b

:30 max hswalk/bear crawl


A. Bench Pressx2x10-start at 65% and build to 90% or more

B. farmers carryx100Ftx4-heavy!!

4 rounds-on every 5 min

25/20 cal row

25 wall ball

100 du



3 sets

1000m row

rest 1:20

rest 2:30

2 sets

1000m row

Rest 1:20


A. Clean+FS+Clean+Jerk+Cleanx1-2

B. Clean and Jerk-Heavy Single

C. Pause FSx2x3@85% x1x5@85%-95%

5 rounds

300m run

20 medball cleans OR 10 light sandbag cleans OR 5 heavy sandbag

10 hspu or equivalent

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