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Feb 14-20


A. Front Squatx12x4@50%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

B1. MedBall Push Upsx15x3

B2. Side Plankx20 sec side+10 Side Plank Upsx3

11 min AMRAP

15 Thrusters

Run 200 M


A. Hang Snatch+OHSx2x5-nothing over 50%

B1. Hand over hand sleg Dragx50FTx3

B2. Inverted Rows with pause at chestx5x3

200 M Farmers Carry

50 KBS

50 T2B

800 M Run


A. Clean Pull Under-8 reps@30-40% followed by Hang Clean from top of kneex3x5@60%

B. 6 minutes on clock-Hollow Hold 15 seconds, roll to Arch hold for 15 seconds, 15 seconds rest

Row 1000 M

3 rounds

15 Hang Power Clean-heavier

15 Box Jumps


A. Back Squatx12x4@50%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

B. HSPU slow negative EMOM-8 minutes

C. Kick Up to Handstand+Handstand hold for 20 secondsx5 sets

5 min AMRAP

7/5 Cal AB

20 Rocket Jumps

Rest 90 sec

5 min AMRAP

80 FT OH Walking Lunge

10 Burpees

Rest 90 Sec

5 min AMRAP

Wall Ball


A. Snatch RDL to kneex5x5@100%

B1. Strict Ring pull up to chestx3x3

B2. Legless Rope Climbx1x3

8 rounds

7 Pull ups-scale up to CTB OR 3-5 Bar MU

25 DU/75 SU

5 Deadlifts




Warm up well! Suggested warm up:

200 M walk

200 M Easy jog

10 each of: air squat, lunge, side lunge, jumping lunge

4x25 M-each time getting a little faster


100m "sprint" (no one sprints that has any bugginess, just go fast)

100M Walk

200 M Sprint

100 M Walk

100 M Sprint

Rest 5 minutes x3

During 3rd rest come inside for:

Partner Airbike-200 Cals in 10 Cal sprint bursts (If needed, partner row 300 Cals in 15 cal sprint bursts)