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Feb. 6-Feb. 12

Updated: Feb 8


A. High Hang Snatch+Hang Snatch+Snatch (3 sec at bottom)+OHS (3 sec descent)x3

B. Snatch Every 45 secx15-increase weight every 5 sets

14 min AMRAP

9 Pull Ups

18 KBS

100M Farmers Carry


A. Back Squatx4x6-75-85%

B. Front Foot Elevated Split Squatx8/8x4

C. Double Unders

40-60-80-60-40 unbroken

****adjust down if newer OR practice OR practice another skill

3 rounds

20 Wall Ball

12 Devil Press

Rest 90 seconds

20 GHD

30 Box Jump Overs


A. Strict Press every 45 sec, 2 reps@80% for 14 sets

B. Z Pressx8x4

C. Skull Crushersx12x4



HSPU (sub is push ups IF they are challenging OR double reps if easy)


Make up Day!


A. Clean Pull+High Hang Clean+Push Jerk+Split Jerkx3-light for technique

B. Hang Clean+Jerk+Clean+Jerkx3-pushing this heavy today

C. Front Squatx2x3@85% x1x5 EMOM@90%

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes

6 shuttle runs

6 Clean and Jerk-use a weight you can do touch and go


Teams of 2

First 18 minutes

Run 400M

14 Hang Power Clean

14 bar facing burpees

14 T2B

Second 18 minutes

Row 500M

14 OHS

14 burpee box jump overs

14 barmu or other HIGH Skill pulling


A. Deadliftx5x5-70, 75, 80, 83, 85%


1-12/9 cal Bike

2-5-10 pull ups

3-50 DU

4-12 alt db snatch

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