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Jan. 2-Jan. 7

Updated: Jan 3


A. 3 Position Snatch-3 sets@medium

B. EMOM 5-1 Snatch@70% (if newer, complete 2 reps)

C. Snatch Deadliftx3x3@80% of snatch-perfect reps

20-30 min AMRAP depending on time

500M Row

100 FT Suitcase Carry/Side

10 Strict T2B/HKR

30 second FLR or plank

20 alternating box step ups


A.Back Squatx3x10-increase weight every two sets. Start at 65%, no heavier than 80%

5 rounds

30 wall ball

12 burpee box jump overs

rest 90 afer each set


A. Strict Pressx3x10 between 65 and 75% B. 5 minutes max strict hspu or push up

3 sets, every 10 minutes

15 thrusters

20/15 cal ski

25 pull ups

20/15 cal row

15 thrusters



1000m run@moderate

rest 1 min

400m run@mile pace

Rest :30

200m fast

rest 2 min

12 min for max meters


A. Hang Clean+Jerk+Clean+Jerkx3

B. Front Squatx2x3@70% C. 3-6 sets depending on time

50 ft bear crawl or hswalk

1-2 rope climbs

emom 8

200/180m row


emom 6

6 tng power snatch

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