Jan. 27-Feb. 5


A1. 3 ring swings + 3 horizontal ring rowsx4

A2. Weighted strict ring dips x3 x 4 sets

A3. Weighted strict C2B chin up x3 x 4 sets

B1 Seated pike ups x 10 + 10 sec hold at top of last rep **scale to 1 leg at a time if needed

**knees locked out

B2. Back extension x6-8 x 3 sets

**Roll up each segment of the spine, move very slow and controlled

14 min AMRAP

50 Wall Ball

30 Push Ups

10 Clean and Jerk-heavier


A. Squat Cleanx2x8 every 90 seconds-build


EVEN: 30 jump rope+5 HPC

ODD: 30 jump rope+5 FS same weight

Rest 5


1-7 RA DB Thruster

2-14 KBS

3-7 LA DB Thruster


A. Incline Benchx5x5

Teams of 2

30 min AMRAP

30 Cal Bike

4 Rope Climbs

10 Burpee box overs (2 boxes if you can)

20 t2B

10 Strict Pull ups


Rowers: with a partner 2 min@85-90%x3

Bikes: :30 all out/partner :30 all out/1:00 restx3, then 3 more@80%

Burpees: EMOM 12-10 Burpees (for so-so burpee-ers, 6)


A. 2K Row Time Trial


B. Back Squatx3x5@75-80%


3 rounds

30 Goblet Squats

20 T2B

10 CTB Pull up


A. Strict Press-heavy single

B. Power Clean+Push Jerk 2 reps EMOMx8


15 min AMRAP

15 Deadlift

15 Lateral Burpees over bar

15 KBS

15 Wall Ball



A. 2 position Hang Snatchx2x2@75% x2x3@80%

B1. Half Kneeling Landmine Pressx8/Sidex3

B2. Push Up-hardest variation possible (off box or bar, floor, paralette, maltese)x10x3


5 rounds

400m Run

15 OHS


A. Deadliftx2x6@85%

B. EMOMx12 minutes

minute 1 = 3-5 strict HSPU OR Downward dog negatives

minute 2 = 2 bar pull overs OR 5 Strict Pull ups

minute 3 = 3-5 kipping HSPU OR 5-10 Dips

minute 4 = 3-4 bar MU OR 5-7 Kipping Pull ups

10/7 Cals on AB

15 KBS

10 Burpees

Rest=2X work OR determined by coach if you are not a "sprinter"

5 rounds (rounds should be FAST and under 1 minute, if they are not, reps will be adjusted)


A. Front Squatx4x3@80% x3x2@85%

B1. Dead Hang to Ball up or Inverted-3 sets of 2-5 reps

B2. 20 GHD Sit Upsx3

21 Thrusters

400 M Run

15 Thrusters

400 m run

9 Thrusters

400 M Run


Teams of 3

Every teammate must complete

600 M Row

400 M Run

200 M Wheelbarrow

100 M Walking Lunge

50 M Handstand Walk (40 Shoulder Taps)

25 Cals on AB

The other 2 work on AMRAP of

50 Box Jump Overs

50 Push Ups

20 Strict Pull Up

100 DU

30 Strict Dips

4 Rope Climbs

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