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Feb. 7-14


A. Power Snatch+Hang Squat Snatchx3x5@60%

B1. TEMPO Strict Pull up 3333x1-2x3 (SUBS:Pull up negative/:30 sec Bar Hang+1ARM DB ROW Heavyx3-5 reps)

B2. Perfect body position kip swingsx5+Hollow Hold 1 minute+Arch Hold 1 minutex3

6 min AMRAP

4 CTB Pull ups (jumping CTB)


Rest 2 min

6 min AMRAP

8 Pull ups (ring rows)



A1. Front Squatx12x4@50%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

A2. Wall Walk with 20 sec handstand holdx3x4

60 Goblet Squats

30 Ring Dips

15 Front Rack Lunges each side


30 Front Squats-light/same weight as lunges

60 Push ups


A. Romanian Deadliftx8x4-NO ROUNDING!!!!

B1. Legless Rope Climb from Seatedx1x3

B2. Ring Pull up to high positionx5x3

14 min AMRAP

200 M Run

12 Hang Power Clean

15 Box Jumps


A. High Hang Cleanx3x5@50-60%...SPEED! DROP UNDER!!

B1. Ring Support Holdx10 sec+5 perfect tuck ups+10 sec tuck holdx3

B2. Sorenson Holdx45 secx3

4 rounds

20 Cal Row

25 KBS

15 T2B

Rest 90 sec after each round


A. Back Squatx12x4@50%-slow even tempo, perfect reps

B1. Dip (hardest variation possible) x5x3

B2. Kipping HSPU (can use deficit)x3-5x3, working on form

3 rounds

75 DU/ 225 Singles

50 Wall Ball

25 Burpees


Teams of 3

One partner holds heavy deadlift while other 2 work through box jumps

120 Box Jumps

Then teams lower weight and complete 90 Deadlifts

One partner hangs while the other 2 work through pull ups

90 Pull ups

Then teams complete 60 Jumping CTB

Once the CTB are complete, teams choose either DBALL or Rope climb and close out with

15 Rope Climbs OR 45 DBALL




Rest 1 minute

2x300M followed by 100 M walk

Rest 3 minutes


Rest 1 minute

3x200M followed by 100 M walk

Rest 3 minutes


Rest 1 minute

4x100M followed by 100 M walk

20 minute MAX

20 Minute

40/30 Cal Row

10 Burpees over the ERG

15 Wall Ball

20 Box Jump overs

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