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Jan. 9-Jan. 14

*****Thursdays are now a MAKEUP day. I will still post an aerobic interval but class will be a fill in from SUNDAY-WED. I will be posting Sundays instead of Saturdays as they will be set in stone whereas Saturdays are always free form partner. Sundays will always be an EMOM 40 day :)


A. 3 Position Snatchx3 sets@65%

B. Snatch EMOM 12-start at 80% and increase a little bit every 4 sets

C. Snatch Deadliftx5x2@90%, x3x2@100% of snatch max


CTB or Pull Up


Rest 2 minutes

x4 sets

Round 1-OHS

Round 2-Thruster

Round 3-HPC

ROund 4-Pick one of the three to repeat


A. BAck Squatx5x5-60,65,70,75,80%

B. 5 sets

1 min plank

30 flutter kicks

3 rounds

10 Power Clean@LIGHT

3-6 MU, HSPU or push ups

Rest 3 min



A. Strict Pressx5x5@60,65,70,75,80%

B1-Incline DB Pressx10x4

B2-DB Curl to Pressx8x4

Not for "time"

4 sets

8 Sandbag Cleans

Max Hold At Chest

:45 Plate Pinch

7 min AMRAP


HSPU or DB Push Press


Single Leg Squat (these can be pistols OR REBSS or single leg to box)



8 sets

300M @mile pace

200M Slow jog


A. Clean Pull+Floating Clean Pull+Floating Clean+Jerk with Pausex3 sets@65%

B. Hang Clean+Jerk+Clean+Jerkx3@75%

C. Front Squatx2x3@75% then EMOM 5@80%-1 rep


6 Touch and Go Power Clean and Jerk


3 sets

10 shuttle Runs (up and back is 1)

8 Thrusters@medium heavy


A. Deadliftx5x5@60,65,70,75,80


1-6 shuttle run

2-7-12 T2B (unbroken sets)

3-15/12 cal row

4-5 Power Cleans@135/95

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