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January 10-Jan. 17


A. Clean and Jerk-heavy single (practice if brand new)

*once you fail, continue on the movement that did not make you fail...either the clean or the jerk


40 Cal Row

30 t2b/hkr

20 Hspu (30 push ups)

10 c&j@80% of heavy single for day

Rest 5 min



A. Front Squat-1 RM

B. Strict Pull up-max set


14 min AMRAP

3 FS@60% of new heavy single

6 Bar MU (sub 10 CTB or 12 jumping CTB)

9 cals on AB


A. Snatch EMOM-2 reps@70% 10


80 Burpees

60 ALT DB Snatch

40 Box Jump Overs

20 Squat Snatch


A. Strict MU work - 10-15 reps

B1. Ring swingsx5x3

B2. Kipping Ring Dipsx5x3

B3. Handstand Walksx40 FTx3


3 rounds

20 sec. stations

1 - HS hold

2 - L-sit or Tuck sit hold

3 - Arch hold

4- false grip hang

5- Rest


5 rounds

9 Power Snatch@75/55

12 Wall Ball

9 Thrusters@75/5

36 DU


A. Make up a lift you missed


20 min AMRAP

200M ROw

2 Wall Walks

3 Burpees to Bar

4 Pull Ups


Teams of 2

100 m lunge together into 100 m run together

50 Power Cleans

400 m run split into 200s

50 T2B

800 m run split into 400s

50 T2B

400 m run split into 200s

50 Power Cleans

100 m lunge together into 100 m run together


1 minute run

1 minute row

1 minute bike

1 minute jump rope

1 minute KBS

rest 1 minute

x7 rounds


A. Back Squat-heavy single

B. Push Press-heavy single

+ 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95 Pull-up

Wall Ballx2

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