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July 10-July 17


A. Back Squatx4x6@60%

B. DB Front Rack Step upsx8/sidex6-rest 90 sec between sets

2 rounds

20 DB Box Step Overs-2 dbs

20/16 cal Bike

Rest 3 min

2 rounds

12 DB Clean and Press

20/16 cal ski


A. Hang Snatch+Snatch+OHS

2 sets@80%

2 sets@85%

B. Paused Hang Snatch Pulls@100% of Snatchx3x3 (pull from hang and hold the shrug)

4 rounds

2 Muscle Up or 4 dips

10 OHS@light

2 Muscle Up or 4 dips

12 Box Jump Overs

2 Muscle Ups

2 minutes easy on any machine or jog


A. Push Pressx2x5-between 55-70%

B. Single Arm DB Pressx8/sidex6

C. Rear Delt Flyesx20x3

5 rounds

15/10 cal row


10 Shuttle Runs

3 Wall Walks



1000M@10K Pace time (hint: Slow)

Rest 1 min



500M@10K pace

Rest :30


Rest1 min



A. Clean+Jerkx2x4@80-85%

B. Deadliftx2x6@65%

5 rounds

5 Devil Press

200M Run

Rest 5 min

3 rounds

15 cal Bike

75 DU


Teams of 2

Both must complete:

12 HSPU or push ups

12 T2B

50 FT DB Lunge

Every 3 minutes

x5 sets

you can work together!

Rest 5 min

Both must complete:

12 DB Front Squats

12 DB Push Press

16 Wall Ball

Every 3 minutes

x5 sets

you can work together!



1-150M Run

2-5 HIGH Box jumps

3-8-10 burpees

4-12-16 GHD

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