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August 8-August 13

This week is coretastic.


A. Front Squatx3x3@70%

4 rounds or 30 min

20/15 Cal row

50 FT lunge no weight

8 Rear foot elevated split squats/side

30 sec FLR hold

20/15 Cal Bike

12 Alternating banded deadbugs (hold band with arms overhead)

30 sec glute bridge hold

30 sec hollow hold flutter kicks

20/15 cal Ski

10 side plank powell raises/side

30 sec wall sit

30 sec hamstring plank hold


3 rounds

12 DB Strict Press

2 Wall Walks with 10 sec HS hold

50 FT KB Front Rack Carry

4 rounds

5 Strict Pull ups

10 Single Arm DB Rows/side

1 minute Row

If time

3 rounds

20 Band Pull Aparts

12 Lateral Raises

15 Scap Push Ups


5 rounds

20/15 cal Row

5 ring push ups

10 Strict HKR

12 cossack Squats

5 Cal Bike SPRINT

Rest 90 after each round

5 rounds

20/15 Cal Ski

10 DB Romanian Deadlifts

15 Dual DB Hollow Rocks

15 Russian KBS

30 sec plank

Rest 90 after each round


36 min EMOM

Min 1- 10 Alt DB Snatch

Min 2-30 seconds of Skater Squats

Min 3-30 seconds push ups

Min 4-6 burpee box jump overs


4 rounds

12 DB Incline Press

12 DB Incline Row

30 sec top ring row hold

Rest 90 sec after each round

3 rounds

12 T2B

10 alternating windshield wipers

20 DB Plank pull throughs


Games aren't over yet!

500 M Row

50 Thrusters empty bar

15 High Skill Pull

200 FT Sled Push

40 KB Clean and Jerks

2 Rope Climbs

100 FT Back Rack Carry

4 Front Squats off Rack

6 Deadlifts

4 Front Squats

100 FT Back Rack Carry

2 Rope Climbs

40 KB Clean and Jerks

200 FT Sled Push

15 High Skill Pull

50 Thrusters empty bar

500M Row


Call your mom.

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