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June 24, 2020

A. Snatch every 90 sec for 7 sets

B. Push up-30 sec max effort, 30 sec restx4


5 rounds

30 KBS@53/35

20 Burpees

10 Box Jumps@30/24

Rest 1 minute after each round

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Trying to get better at this!!! Will make it a habit. A. 3 position cleans-6 sets B1. Strict Pull upx5 repsx3 B2. Chin over bar holdx15-20 seconds B3. Hollow Rocksx20+Hollow Hold 20 seconds + 5 rounds

A. Jerkx3x5 B1. Front Squatx5x5 B2. Wall Walk-8 reps + 4 minutes to complete: 50 DU/100 Singles 30 Push ups-scale these down if you need 10 Thrusters-heavier than you typically use *rest until the 4 m

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