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June 5-June 11


A. Back Squatx3x3-light and building into heavy single for the day

4 rounds

600M Run

15 OHS

15 Bar facing Burpees

9 BarMU or burpee pull ups


A. 1 Power Snatch+1 Snatch-Every 90 sec for 10 sets build to about 75-80%

THEN go for a heavy single

B. Snatch Pullx3x3@125% of Snatch

Tabata Bike Row or Ski

:20 on/:10 off x8 sets

Rest 2 min


DB Box Stepovers


Rest 2 min

x2-3 rounds depending on time


A. Push Pressx5x5@80%

B1-DB Bent Over Rowx10x4

B2-DB Front Raisex15x4

Every 2 minx8 sets

12/10 cal ski into 3-5 HIGH SKILL ( you pick any! But make them tough. MU, HSPU even if push ups or pull ups are difficult)


2000M Row

1600M Run

2000M Row

Rest 2 min

1600M Run

2000M Row

1600M Run


A. EMOM 10-Clean@85%

B. Front Squatx2x6@75%

EMOM 15-21 depending on time

1-Legless Rope Climb or 5 Strict Pull ups or hard assist

2-5 deficit HSPU or reallllllly hard hspu variation or heavy ass db press

3-10 ghd situps


Teams of 2

5 min AMRAP

2 Rope Climb-legless if possible


50 Crossovers


5 min AMRAP

2 Rope Climb

16 T2B

50 FT HSWALK or Bear crawl


5 min AMRAP

6 Ring MU or Dips/asst dips

12 KBS

18 Box Jumps

Rest 5 min

DO it all again!


A. Deadlift-Every :30x5@60%/Rest 2 min x3 sets

B. Bench-same as above


1-12/9 cal bike

2-16 Wall Ball

3-50 FT Burpee Broad Jumps

4-6-9 Pull ups (kipping)

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