November 9-November 15


A. 3 position Clean@70%x3/@75%x4

B. EMOM 10

Minute 1: :45 Row

Minute 2: 3-5 Strict CTB, Strict PU or Neg. Drops

15 min AMRAP

20 KBS

10 Pull up (15 if good at pull ups)

1 Rope Climb


A1. Snatch Push Pressx3x5 off feel

B1. Deadliftx2x5@80%, then hit a 6th set of AMRAP with PERFECT not just do reps to do them!!!

B2. 1 ARM DB Pressx5/armx5

5 Rounds

50 DU (SUx3)

10 Power Snatch


A. Front Squatx8x2@70% x7x2 x6x1@75%

6 Rounds for reps of….

1 minute of Rowing (Calories)

1 minute of Burpees

1 minute of AB

1 minute of Rest


A. DB Incline Benchx6x3

B. DB Rowx6/armx3

Gymnastics METCON

5 rounds

4 High skill

200M Run

8 Medium Skill

200M Run

4 High Skill

200M Run

Rest 2 min after each round

Suggested combos: Advanced(ring muscle up, hspu, bar muscle up)

Intermediate (CTB, T2B, HSPU)

Beginner (Push Up, Ring Row with feet elevated if possible, downward dog press)




Teams of 3 work through the following, one person working at a time

Team must complete 24 Bear Crawl passes (up AND back) as a buy in, THEN:

300 DU (600 Singles)

50 Pull Ups

40 Box Jump Overs

30 Power Cleans-challenging weight (Boys at least@135, Girls@85 at least)

2:00 Handstand Hold for every member

30 Power Cleans

40 Box Jump Overs

50 Pull Ups

300 DU (600 Singles)


A. Power Snatch+Hang Snatch+Snatchx6 sets

between 70-75%

Teams of 2

20 min amrap

20 OHS

30 push ups

40 cals on rower

50 burpees over bar

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