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Oct. 10-15

Updated: Oct 14, 2022


A. Snatch-1 rep every 2 minutes for 6 sets-build to 85% (if you are newer, do a light overhead squatx5x5)

B. Deadliftx8x3-no pauses this week

20 min amrap

20 weighted squat jump-use a light medball and don’t jump high

8 single arm db thrusters/arm

16 kbs


A. Bench-build to a tough double then complete 3 singles@90% of what you hit for the double. B. Skull Crushersx15x3

C. 3 strict hspu+5-7 kippingx5 (sub is 5 sets of 10 db strict press)

2 rounds-super light db!!!

30 alternating db hang clean and press (15/side)

15 burpee box jump overs

15 ghd/t2b or 25 abmat

30 alternating db snatches


A. EMOM 9- Clean and Jerk- build to 80%

B. Back Squatx3x4@60,65,70,70%

3 rounds

60/42 cal row

30 push ups

15 deadlifts or power cleans


Aerobic work-run or any machine

2-4 rounds

5 minutes easy

1 minute tough

Rest 2 min

3 min easy

1 min tough

Rest 90 sec

2 min easy

1 min tough

Rest 1 min


15 min Emom

Minute 1-3-6 muscle up, ctb or pull up

Minute 2-15-30 sec tuck or L sit

Minute 3-5-10 hspu or db strict press



CtB (this should be easier than the emom. Example: kipping pull ups on emom, ring rows here)

Pistols ( or single leg rear elevated squats)


Teams of 2

30 min amrap-medium weight

24/18 cal row

30 db alt snatch

200 ft farmers carry

30 box jump overs

30/24 cal bike

30 db power cleans

200 ft db lunge

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