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Oct 24-Oct. 30

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


A. Deadliftx5x3-challenging weight

B1-Box Step Downs with a weightx6/legx5

B2-double KB FR carryx100FTx5

6 minutes on/2 offx3

6 Push ups

8 DB Snatch

10 Air Squats


A. Hang Snatch+OHS+Snatch+OHS

hold the squats in bottom for 3 secs. @65%x 3 sets

B. Snatch-12 singles between 65 and 75%

C. Back Squatx8x2@65%, x8x2@68%, x8@70%, x8@75%

4 rounds

50 DU

4 devil press

6 mu or pullup+dip

12 db thrusters

restx2 work Wednesday

A. Bench Pressx4x6 between 70-80%, try to build

B. Close Grip Benchx10x4

C1-Skull crushersx10x4

C2-bicep curlsx10x4

24 min emom

1-12/9 cal bike

2-6 burpee box jump overs

3- 10 wall ball


Do a BIG run warm up!!!!

Run 1000M

Rest 1 min


150m easy

50M full out

Rest 3 min



A. muscle Clean+Front Squat+Strict Press in splitx4 sets

B. Clean+FS+clean+Jerk

X3 sets@70% C. pause Front squatx3x5-65,65,65,70,70

18/14 cal row

21 t2b

9 sandy bags

18/14 cal row

21 ctb

6 sandys

18/14 cal row

21 hspu

3 sandys


Part 1-trade rounds for 15 rounds

run one lap into 1 power snatch

rest 2 min

Part 2-trade rounds for 6 rounds

run one lap into 4 strict press

rest 2 min

Part 3- 5 rounds split reps

800m run

36 heavy db snatch

max hswalk/bear crawl

each round is 6 minutes long