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Sep. 26-Oct 1


A. Snatch+OHS (2+1)@55,60,65,65,70,70

B. Deadliftx3x5-pause for 2 secs below knee and 3 secs down to floor


80 Wall Ball

60 Cal Row

40 CTB or pullup

30 Deadlifts



A1. Lu Raisesx12x2

A2. Bench Pressx8x2

B. Bench Pressx5x3@70% of 1RM

C. Bodyweight Skull Crushersx12x3

40/30 Cal Bike

150 FT Sandbag Bear HUG carry

15 MU or Dips

300 FT Sled Push

15 MU or Dips

150 FT Sandbag BEAR hug carry

40/30 cal Bike


A. Below the knee hang clean+clean

B. Back Squatx5x3@70%. x3x2@75%

1 set every 5 min for 25 min

1000/800M c2

20 Air Squats

20 GHD or 30 abmat

60 DU


A. Chin Upsx5x5

B. Barbell Bent Over Rowx10x3

C. Barbell Sweepsx12x3

3 rounds

200M Run

12 Single Arm DB Thrusters

12 Squat Jumps

12 Burpees


A. Dipx5x4

B. 1 Max Set of "HSPU"-then 3 sets of 60% of those reps

0-8 min

50 Box Jump Overs

50 T2B

50 OHS

8-16 min

50 OHS

50 T2B

50 Box Jump Overs

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