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Sep 5-sep 10

Updated: Sep 9


A. back Squatx10x4-5 second descent on each rep. If you can increase 5 pounds from last week do it but we are also adding two reps so form and descent is more important

4 rounds

20 cal bike

20 box jump overs

10bar facing burpees

10clean and jerk@unbroken weight

Rest=work after each round


A. Build to a super perfect 3 position snatch

B. Snatch pullx3x3@100%

5 rounds

2 rope climbs

50 "hard" jump rope (crossovers, double unders...pick a challenging version)

2 bar pullovers-if you cannot do this movement do 2 difficult pulling (muscle up, ctb, strict pull ups)

50 easy jump rope

Play around with new skills today


A. Push Pressx3x6@80% B. Bench Pressx3x6@80%

240 ft sled push

30 cals any machine

30 t2b

30 cals any machine

30 t2b

240 ft sled push


A. Build to a heavy clean+hang clean+jerk+jerk

B. Deadliftx3x6@80%

Amrap 12

2 rounds

12db deadlifts

9db hoc

6 db sto


2 rounds

5 hspu

10single leg squats


Teams of 2

Run 1 Mile

100 OHS

200 GHD

300 DU

100 kbs

200 Box Jump Overs

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