Week of August 2, 2018


A. 7/5 cal Bike into 1 Squat Clean@80%x10 rounds

B1-3 Strict T2B+10 sec L-sitx3

B2-Side Plankx20 sec/sidex3

B3-heavy Farmers Carryx100 FTx3

12 rounds

4 Bar facing Burpees

6 thrusters@75/55

20 DU/40 SU


5 Rds Changing Variance

500 M Row

10 Wall Ball

10 pull ups

10 Deadlifts

200M Run

Rest 3 min after each round

If a round takes longer than 5 min, reduce the reps


A. Snatch Pull@90%x3x3 (Tempo Snatch DLx3x3-pauses above knee and at position 1 then slow shrug)

B1. Snatch RDL@80%x5x3

B2. Snatch Push Press@90%x3x3

12 Min AMRAP

10 Power Snatch

25 KBS

15 Box Jump Overs


A1. Back Squatx2x4@90%

A2. Bulgarian Split Squatx5/legx4

Partitioned in ANY WAY YOU LIKE-soft 20 Min CAP

1 mile run

200 Air Squats

50 T2B


A. Jerkx3x2, x2x3@85%

B1. Wall Walkx1-3x3

B2. Body Tightenerx10 sec hold/10 sec restx3x3

150M Ski


4 HEAVY Sandbag to shoulder

Rest 1 min




Bike Cals

Row Cals


Rest 10 min


*if subbing running etc, time domains should be around 3 min/2:30/2/1:30/1 or less

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