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Week of August 23


Warm up well! Suggested warm up: 

400 M Easy row or run

4x150 M-each time getting a little faster


100m sprint

100M easy

200 M Sprint

100 M easy

100 M Sprint

Rest 5 minutes  x3


Partner Airbike-200 Cals in 10 Cal sprint bursts (If needed, partner row 300 Cals in 15 cal sprint bursts)


A. Back Squatx2x5@85%

B1. Medball Push upsx10x4

B2. Kipping Dip or MU Practice-3 attemptsx4 (if you do not have a floor push up, x10x4 OH tricep extensions)


3 rounds

15 KB Taters



40 Thrusters-increase weight every 10 reps

**Suggested "flights" on the Thrusters are more advanced barbell: 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/85

"not as advanced barbell/ninjas": 65/35, 75/45, 85/55, 95/65

Any weights can be used as long as they go UP. 


A. Push Pressx2x5@85%

B1.Standing Side Bendsx15/sidex3

B2. Alligator rollsx5/sidex3

B3. Scootersx40 FTx3


30 Clean and Jerk@115/75

Rest 5 min

30 Clean and Jerk@135/95


A. Snatch-Every 2 minutes 8 singles@85%

B1. Snatch RDL to kneex5x4

B2. Good Morningx10x4


4 rounds

12 Power Cleans

10 Hang Power Cleans

8 Power Snatch

6 Hang Power Snatch


A. Front Squatx2x5@85%

B1. Strict Ring Pull up to chestx3x3

B2. Inverted Body Rowsx10x3

B3. Chin Over bar holdx10-30 secx3


8 min AMRAP

80 FT DB Lunge

10 Pull ups (you can scale up to CTB)

Rest 3 min

8 min AMRAP

8 DB Box Step ups

5 CTB Pull ups (scale up to MU)


A. Clean and Jerk-Every 2 minutes 8 singles@85%

B1. L or Tuck sitx15-20 secx4

B2. GHD Reverse Hypersx15x4

B3. Hollow Holdx20 sec+10 Hollow Rocksx4



50 Wall Ball 30/20

70 Burpees


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