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Week of December 21st

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

(home program)


A. 3 position Cleanx1x5@75% (Deadliftx3x7@75%)

B1. Downward Dog HSPUx3-5x3 (Feet elevated, hardest version with perfect form)

B2. Push Upsx7-10x3

B3. Hollow Rock+Holdx 10 Rocks/15 sec holdx3

20 DBALL to shoulder

Rest 30 seconds

30 Ring Dips (Push Ups)

Rest 30 seconds

40 KBS

Rest 1 min

50 Strict Press-empty barbell

Rest 1 min

60 Burpees


A1. Back Squat x5x4@75% (tempo goblet squat if no rack)

A2. Tempo Pull Up-3 seconds up, 3 sec hold, 3 sec 10 seconds into 5 kipping pull ups (slow negatives if no pull up)x3x4 (if no pull up bar, SKIP this)

B1. Bent over row/palms upx8x3-STEADY CONTROLLED TEMPO

B2. Hand over hand sled dragx50 FTx3 (Bicep curlsx10x3)

12 min AMRAP

10 Pull ups-CTB if possible (Renegade Rows if no pull up bar)

12 box jumps (step ups)


A. 2 Position Hang Snatch+OHSx5@70% (Snatch RDL to kneex5x5 OR single led DB RDL)

0-6 min

20 sec sprint/40 sec rest (any machine! if no machine, burpees)

At 6 min....

30 Power Snatch 75/55

800 m Run (4 minute time domain)

50 OHS 75/55

800 m Run

30 Power Snatch 75/55

800 M Run


12 Days of Christmas-there will be several versions

in gym

AT HOME version

1 DB Clean and Jerk

2 Push Ups

3 Box Jumps or Step ups

4 Deadlifts

5 Burpees


7 Wall Ball or Light DB Thrusters



10 Lunges

11 Ring Rows

12 Goblet Squats


300 Burpees for time....or stop being a psycho and take a day off


7 minutes to find a heavish complex of clean+2 hang cleans

(if you arent lifting heavy, do GRACE or ISABEL)

At the 8th minute-

36 min AMRAP-Teams of 2

1 mile Bike

500 M Row

100 DU

After each round, each team selects one to complete. You may not complete the same movement 2 rounds in a row

20 Heavy Deads

4 Legless Rope Climbs (6 Rope Climbs)

20 DBALL to shoulder

360 FT M Sled Drag


Bike 1 min Moderate

45 Harder

30 easy

15 sprint

30 easy


Rest 5 min

30 min CAP

8 rounds

15 Cal Ski

45 DU/90 SU

30 Air Squats

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