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Week of December 28th

(home options)


A. Front Squat x5x3@78% (tempo goblet squatx8x3)

B. CG Bench Pressx8x5 OFF FEEL (no bench? Do a floor press. Back flat on floor...there is a limited range of motion but that is OK)

16 min cap

For time:

12 handstand push-ups (push ups of downward dog push up)

15 back squats

20 bar facing burpees (regular)

9 handstand push-ups

18 Front squats

20 bar facing burpees

6 handstand push-ups

21 OHS

20 bar facing burpees

*the squats should be challenging AND they should go down with each set

** if at home, same dbs can be used for all squats


A. TNG Power Clean 2 reps@75% every 30 seconds for 8 sets (if lighter, do 3-5 reps)

B1. Good Morningx8x3@30% of BS

B2. Single Leg RDLx8/sidex3

B3. Arch Hold with PVCx30 Secx3


7 Box Jump Overs (Squat jumps)


Rest 1 minx4


A. Snatch Balance+2 OHSx8-off feel (Deadlift4x5@75%)

B. Turkish Get Up-5 per side HEAVY as you can control

C. 8 HSPU Negatives-EMOM (if you don't have push ups....push up negatives)

1 mile Run with a 100 FT sled push each lap followed by (the time domain here is 7-10 min if subbing bike, rowing etc)....if no sled, just omit it

50 OHS (db squats)

50 T2B (tuck ups)

Broken up however you like


A. Back Squat x5x3@78%


From minute 0-15

15 Burpees

50 FT Walking Lunge

30 double unders-if you have ONE double under, you MUST do double unders

From minute 15-30

400 M Run ( 2 minute time domain if subbing in other machines)

20 Push ups

50 Air Squats

20/15 Cal AB


300 burpees for time. Compare to your Christmas time.




Pick a machine!

60 sec easy

60 sec moderate


60 sec moderate

45 harder


60 sec moderate

30 sec hardest


60 sec moderate

15 sec sprint


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