Week of December 7th

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(Home subs in parentheses!)

Time domains-if you do not have the "machine" listed, choose a sub for the time domain

Example: 1000M Row can become a bike for 4 minutes


A. Front Squatx5x3@60% (Double DB Tempo Squatx5x5, slow descent, hold the bottom)

B1. Mixed grip high pull chin up cluster, alternate grip each rep x 3-4 sets (nowhere to hang? Banded face pullsx20x4)

B2. Bar or Ring Hang (active hold!)x45-1 minx5 (plank hold)

5 rounds

10 pull ups (bodyweight rows of any kind OR DB renegade rows)

5 r/arm db thruster

5 l/arm db thruster

35 double unders (plate hopsx2)


A. Snatch Balance+OHS (hold the bottom position for 3 seconds) x3x4 (this can be done with a broom or PVC if no barbell, if VERY mobile, DB)

B. Strict HSPUx 3-4 sets **any height that you can come back up solid with shoulder width hand position and tripod in bottom (strict DB Pressx8x4)

Row 1000 M (time domain-4 minutes)

100 Push Ups (can use elevation)

30 Snatch@135/95 (100 ALT DB SNATCH light)


15 min AMRAP

9 Burpees

12 Wall Ball (goblet squat)

15 KBS


15 min AMRAP

150 M Row (:45 time domain)

7 T2B (14 abmat or tuck ups)

100 FT Farmers Carry (30 db step ups on low plate)


A. Power Clean Every 30 seconds-2 reps@60% (DB RDLx8x4)

B1. Arch Hold with PVCx30 Secx3

B2. Good Morningx6x3@25% of Back Squat (can be done with DBS)

6 minutes on the clock

50 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 (DB)

AMRAP box jump overs (step ups or squat jumps)

Rest 3 minutes

6 minutes on the clock

35 Deadlifts 135/95 (DB)

AMRAP box jump overs (step ups or squat jumps)


A. Back Squatx5x3@60% (DB split squatx5/legx5)

*in between each set

10 hollow rocks

10 sec hollow hold

10 sec leg lowering abs x 3

B. Rope Climb work+DU Work (just DU practice)

2 rounds

400M Ski (2 minute time domain)

50 FT Sandbag Lunge (dbs at sides)

400M Run (2 minute time domain)

50 FT FR Lunge (dbs in front rack)

20 Cal AB (2 minute time domain)

50 FT OH Walking Lunge (single db OH)

***about 16 lunges=50 ft

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