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Week of Feb. 22 2021


A. 3 position clean@70,70,75,75,80,80% (5x5 Clean Pulls or DB Jump Squats)

B. Front Squatx3x3@75% x1x2@85%


3 rounds

200M Run (1 minute time domain)

21 Shoulder to Overhead@135/95 (use a weight you can do in 3 sets or less)

15 Lateral bar burpees

9 Bar Muscle ups (CTB or Jumping CTB)


A. 3 Position Snatch@70,70,75,75, 80, 80% (Wide grip Deadliftx5x5)

B. Snatch push Pressx3x5@70,70,70,75,75%



Power Snatch-increase weight each round

*50 DU after each round (150 singles)


A. Split Jerk@70,70,75,80,80,85%

B1. 1 ARM DB Pressx5/armx3

B2. HS slow negative 10-20 secx3-5x3

5 min AMRAP

5 Clusters@115/75

10 T2B

Rest 2 min

7 min AMRAP

5 Devil Press

20 GHD sit ups


A. Back Squatx5x3@75% x3x2@85%

*in between each set

10 arch ups

10 sec arch hold

10 V or tucks ups

10 sec hollow hold

B. Single leg Box Balance squatx5/legx3 (sub for this is rear elevated split squat)

5 rounds

250 M Row

50 FT DB Lunge



A. Power Clean 10-8-6-4-2 (Start@55% and add weight)

Rest 1 minute after each set

B1. Strict Pull up-aim for 10 sec up/10 hold/10 downx3

B2. Muscle up transition workx10 repsx3 (if capable of strict-1-2 strict)

B3. 1 arm DB Rowx5/sidex3 (hold false if possible)

10 rounds

8 DB Snatch


4 Burpee Box Jump Overs

2 Deadlifts@Heavy



:40 Hard/:20 easy

:30 Harder/:30 easy

:20 Hardest/:40 easy


1 minute switch

12 min AMRAP

4 Push Ups

4 Squat Thrusts

4 Squat Jumps

1 minute switch


:40 Hard/:20 easy

:30 Harder/:30 easy

:20 Hardest/:40 easy


1 minute switch

12 min amrap

10 alt db snatch

10 db thrusters-light

100 FT Farmers Carry

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