Week of Feb. 28, 2021


A. Back Squatx3x3@80% x3x2@85%

B. Push Pressx3x5@80%


3 rounds

15 Thrusters@95/65

15 Bar Facing burpees

15 Pull ups


A. Box jumps for height-3 reps, 5 sets (if nervous, broad jumps for distance)

B1. Single leg V-ups x 15/leg alternatingx3

B2. Opposing limb arch raises x 15/sidex3

B3. Tuck or L Sitx10 sec.x3

B4. Side Plank bendsx10/sidex3


4 minutes

100 M Run

3 T2B

6 Push Ups

100 M Run

6/9 ETC

Rest 2 minx4-pick up where you left off


A1. Front Squatx3x5@80%

A2. Tucked Scap Pull upx3-5x5, pull to highest position possible


23 min AMRAP

200M Sled Push-1 plate/unweighted

50 goblet squats

30/20 cal AB

1 legless rope climb or 3 rope climbs


A. 2 Pos Snatch (below knee and floor)@75,75,80,85,85%

B. Snatch Balance+OHS@70,70,70,75,75%


3 rounds

16 DL @ 65%ish (should be doing in small sets!)


9 Burpee box jump


A. Hang Power Clean+Power Clean@70,70,75,80,85,85%

B. 5 minutes

10 GHD (15 tucks ups or abmat)

25 FT HSWALK (bear crawl or plank shoulder taps)

4 rounds

50 DU

8 Clean and jerk@135/95


80/65 CAL row


Ski 150M -GO!

Rest 1 min

x10 sets

20 min AMRAP

50 FT Sled push

50 FT heavy Farmers Carry

25 Wall Ball

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