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Week of Jan. 18, 2021


A. Front Squat x3x3@83%

B1. Barbell Bent Over Rowx5x4

B2. Backwards Sled Drag-100 FTx4 (home: db split squatsx8/legx4)

9 min AMRAP

100 M Run (:45 time domain)

8 DB walking lunge steps

3 Bar Muscle up-No muscle up?, Do Jumping BARMU OR 3 Pull ups/3 dips (home: 6 db Clean and Press)

Rest 4 minutesx2


A. Snatch 2 reps every 90 seconds@83%

B. Bat Wingsx10x5

C. HSPU Slow descent+Kip EMOM 8

3 rds

20 OHS@75/55

50 Medball Abmat sit ups


100 M OH Barbell walk-heavier than OHS weight (home: if you dont have space to walk, cash out with 30 Burpees)


A. Power Clean 2 reps every 90 seconds@83%

B. Tempo Strict pull up-aim for 5 second hang/5 second pull/5 second over bar/5 second descentx1x4

C. DU work if time...

20 minute amrap

40/30 cal row (2 min time domain)

50 DU/100 Singles

30 pull ups

30/20 cal on AB (2:30 minute time domain)


A. Back Squat x3x3@83%


3 sets

5 kick up to HS

15 tuck ups

10 side plank ups/side

15 arch ups

15 hollow rocks

30 heel touches

7 minute amrap

3 box jumps-HIGH

6 T2B (tuck ups)

9 Wall Ball

(rest 3 minutes)

7 minute amrap

3 Hang Power Clean

6 Front Squats

9 box jumps-standard height


A. Push Pressx3x3@83%

B. OHSx2x5 off feel

3 minute amrap

C&J @ light/tng weight

~rest 5 minutes~



HSPU (push Ups)

~rest 5 minutes

3 minute amrap

bar facing burpees


30 sec easy/30 sec moderate/30 sec fast/30 sec breakx6

3minute restx2


10 Burpees

20 KBS

10 Pull ups

Rest=1/2 workx3-5