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Week of June 14, 2021


A. 3 position Cleanx1x2@70%, x1x3@75%

B1. Downward Dog HSPUx3-5x3 (Everyone feet elevated, hardest version with perfect form)

B2. Downward Dog Push Upsx7-10x3 (Push ups if you have less than 5 push ups from floor)

B3. Hollow Rock+Holdx 10 Rocks/15 sec holdx3

20 DBALL to shoulder

Rest 30 seconds

30 Ring Dips (Push Ups)

Rest 30 seconds

40 KBS

Rest 1 min

50 Strict Press-empty barbell

Rest 1 min

60 Burpees


A1. Back Squat x6@65%,x6@70%,x6@75%,x5x2@80%

A2. Tempo Pull Up (3 seconds up, 3 sec hold, 3 sec down) 10 seconds into 5 kipping pull ups (slow negatives if no pull up)

B1. BB supinated rowx8x3-STEADY CONTROLLED TEMPO

B2. Hand over hand sled dragx50 FTx3

12 min AMRAP

10 Pull ups-CTB if possible (if you are very good at pull ups, 15)

12 box jumps


A. 2 Position Hang Snatch+OHSx2@70%, x3@75% (Hang Power Snatch/OHS Skill Work)

0-6 min

50 FT Sled Push TEAM RELAY

At 6 min....

30 Power Snatch 75/55

800 m Run

50 OHS 75/55

800 m Run

30 Power Snatch 75/55

800 M Run


A. Clean and Jerk@70%x2, @75%x2, @80%x1, @85%x1, @80%x1 (Deadliftx2x8@76%)

B1. Stomach to wall HS holdx20-30 secx3

B2. Box 360 Walksx1 each wayx3

C1. BB Single Leg RDLx8x5

C2. 20-30 Sec Sorenson Holdx5




After each set, 100 m fc


A. Front Squat x6@65%,x6@70%,x5@75%,x3x2@80%


10 Side Plank ups/side

20 Sec Arch Hold

15 Sec Ring Hold

10 Sec L-SIT

10 Barbell rollouts


60 Wall ball

26 front rack lunge

50 bar lateral burpees

24 front rack lunge

60 Wall Ball


7 minutes to find a heavy complex of clean+2 hang cleans

At the 8th minute-

36 min AMRAP-Teams of 2

400 M Run

500 M Row

100 DU

After each round, each team selects one to complete. You may not complete the same movement 2 rounds in a row

30 Heavy Deads

6 Legless Rope Climbs (8 Rope Climbs)

30 DBALL to shoulder

40 Ball Slams

100 M Sled Drag

200 FT Hand over Hand Sled Drag


2500M Bike

25 Burpees

1000M Ski

25 Box Jumps High

Rest 5 minutes