Week of June 6, 2020


A. Back Squatx5x4@73% B1. L or Tuck Upsx10x3 (from Matadors) B2. Bar Swing with Object in Feetx5 swings+5 perfect kippingT2B (object drop=10 burpees)x3  if no t2b, 10 leg lowering abs with object C. DU or MU Practice + 12 min AMRAP 20 DU/60 Singles (TRY DU!!!) 12 Front rack Lunge@95/65 10 Pull Ups (You can scale up to 5 BarMU or 3-5 RingMU)

Tuesday A. Snatch-2 reps every 90 secondsx7 sets@73% B1. Strict HSPUx3-6x4 (if no push up on floor, do push ups!) B2. Angled Wall Holdx30-45 secx4 + 21-15-9 Cals on Rower Power Snatch INTO 15-12-9 Cals on Rower STO INTO 21 HSPU


A. Clean and Jerk-2 reps every 90 secondsx7 sets@73%

B1. Hollow Rocksx20x3

B2. Arch Upsx20x3

B3. DB Side Bendsx10 each sidex3


100 M Run 3 Clean (Full Squat!)@155/105 Rest :30 x3 After 3rd set, Rest 2 min: Then, 10 min AMRAP 200 M Run 150 FT Carry (farmers OR ball carry) 10 T2B/15 HKR


A. Front Squatx5x4@73%

B1. Rear Elevated Bulgarian Split Squatx6/legx3

B2. Body Tightener to wall walkx2x3-perfect form!!!

+ 2 rounds

50 Wall Ball

25 Power Cleans@135/95

25 Wall Ball



A. Push Pressx5x4@73%

B1. Strict CTBx3-5x4

B2. Barbell Bent Over Rowx8x4



Deadlift @225/155

Burpee Pull Up

Rest 3 min



Burpee Pull Up (if you can do burpee muscle up, do it)

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