Week of June 7, 2021


A. Hang Snatchx3x5@70%

B1. Front Squatx6@60%, x6@65%,x5@70%, x3@75%, x5@70%

B2. Tucked Scap Pull upx3-5x5, pull to highest position possible



3 Hang Power Cleans-as heavy as 75%

3 Front Squats-same weight

100 M Sled Run

Rest 2 minutesx5


A1. Power Jerk+ Jerk (2+1)x5@65-70%

A2. HSPU negative-10 sec.x2x5 (push up negatives if you do not have a push up)

B1. Single leg V-ups x 15/leg alternatingx3

B2. Opposing limb arch raises x 15/sidex3

B3. Tuck or L Sitx10 sec.x3

B4. Side Plank bendsx10/sidex3


50 Cal AB/70 Cal Row BUY IN

3 rounds

20 T2B/HKR

40 KBS


A1. Box jumps for height-3 reps, 5 sets (if nervous, broad jumps for distance)

A2. Reactive Chest Passesx10x5-with partner

*During this, everyone gets 3 sets of 10 Hip Extensions into :20 Sorenson Hold


25 min AMRAP

15 Box Jump Overs

200 M run

30 Wall Ball

30 Box Jump Overs

400 M Run

40 Wall Ball

45 Box Jump Overs

800 M Run

50 Wall Ball

*if you make it through 50 Wall Ball, go back DOWN the progression

800 M Run

45 Box Jump Overs



A. Back Squatx8@60%, x8@65%,@70%x6, @75%x6x2

B. Push Pressx5x5@75%


90 Sec DU

90 Sec Bar Facing Burpees

90 Sec Thrusters

90 sec Rest



A. Power Cleanx3x5@70%


7 Deadlifts-HEAVY

200 M Run

10 Pull Ups

Rest 45 sec.




30 Clean and Jerks


100 m lunge

30 box jump overs

100 m run

After each set, increase the weight by 10 for the men, 5 for the ladies


Around the World

1 minute Bike

1 Minute Row

1 minute Run

1 Minute Ski

x10 sets

Solid Steady effort

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