Week of May 10, 2021

Sorry everyone for the delay!!!


A. Front Squat+Back Squat (3+3)-build!x 5 sets

7 rounds

12/10 cal row

12 Hang Power Snatch 75/55

12 OHS


A. Deadlift


1 rep@84%

1 rep@92%

6-10 reps@75%

B. 3 rounds

20 sec elbow plank

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Arch Ups


25 KBS@70/53

25 over and back hops over KB

Rest 3 min

25 over and backs

25 KBS



Bro sesh

A1 . Strict Pull upsx10x5

A2. DB Lat Raisesx15x5

B1 . Seated DB Shoulder Pressx20x5

B2. Hammer Curlsx20x5

C1 . Front DB Raisesx20x5

C2 . Barbell Curlsx15x5

D1 .Banded Bicep Curlsx30x5

D2. DB Flyesx20x5

IF there is time, do metcon from TUESDAY


A. 200 FT Farmers Carry

100 FT HSWALK/bear crawl

200 FT Sandbag Carry

x5 sets

7 rounds-1 every 3 minutes

3 Power Snatch

6 High Box Jumps

50 DU



200M Slow

300M Fast

Rest 60 sec

x8 sets


1 min easy, 1 min arms only easy

1 min moderate, 1 min arms only easy

1 min fast, 1 min arms only

1 min faster, 1 min arms only

1 min fastest,1 min arms

1 min sprint, 1 min arms

rest 3 min


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