Week of May 31, 2021


Murph or not Murph


A. Front Squatx6x2@60%, x5@65%,x3@70%

B1. Deficit push ups x 5-7 x 5 sets **low as possible

B2. False grip ring hang by feel x 5-7 sets

5 rounds

10 T2B

8 r/arm db thruster

8 l/arm db thruster

50 double unders


A. Snatch Balance+OHS (hold the bottom position for 3 seconds) x3x4

B1. Strict HSPUx 3-4 sets **any height that you can come back up solid with shoulder width hand position and tripod in bottom (buggy shoulders or new...PUSH UPS)

B2. Mixed grip high pull chin up cluster, alternate grip each rep x 3-4 sets (no pull up? ring rows)

10 rounds

Row 100M

10 Push Ups

1 Snatch@heavy


A. Power Clean+Clean (1+2)@60%x2, @65%x2 OR Deadliftx5x8@57% NOT BOTH!

B1. Arch Hold with PVCx30 Secx3

B2. Good Morningx6x3@25% of Back Squat

6 minutes on the clock

50 Hang Power Cleans 95/65

AMRAP box jump overs

Rest 3 minutes

6 minutes on the clock

50 Deadlifts 135/95

AMRAP bar facing burpees


A. Back Squatx8@60%, x6@65%,@70%x6x2

*in between each set

10 hollow rocks

10 sec hollow hold

10 sec leg lowering abs x 3

B. Rope Climb work+DU Work

2 rounds

400M Sandbag Run

50 FT Sandbag Lunge

400M Run

50 FT FR Lunge

30 Cal AB

50 FT OH Walking Lunge


Teams of 2


9 Burpees

12 STO

15 KBS



150 M Row

7 Deadlifts

30 DU



Minute 1-45 sec Row

Minute 2-45 sec Bike

MInute 3-45 sec Ski

Minute 4-45 sec run

Minute 5 OFF

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