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Week of November 15 2020


A. Front Squatx2x5@85%

B1. Jerkx2x5@85%

B2. 1 Arm DB Pressx5/armx5-challenging weight

5 min AMRAP


Rest 5 minutes

10 minute amrap

10 Thrusters@75/55

200M Row


A. Deadliftx2x5@85%

B. Weighted Box Jump (low box!!!!)x3x5

15 KBS

8 box jump Overs

15 Cal Ski



A. Power Snatchx2x5@85%

B1. Hollow Holdx45 Sec+10 Alternating V-Ups/Sidex3

B2. Sorenson hold or Arch Holdx30 sec+10 Back extensions or arch ups

30 Wall Ball


20 T2B

Rd 2- 24/8/16

Rd 3- 18/6/12

Rd 4- 12/4/8

Rd 5- 6/2/4


4 or 5 Rds-change order each round

20/15 Cal Bike

3-5 strict pull ups

5 Power Clean@115/75

7 Burpees

8 kipping pull ups

30 double unders

Rest 90 Sec after each round


A1. Back squatx2x5@85%

A2. DB Split Squatx5/legx5

6 rounds

8 Ring Dips

50 ft. OH walking lunge@95/65

3 Wall Walks


Ski or Row

3 min Easy

3 min elevated

3 min easy

1 min very hard

Rest 2 min

10 min AMRAP

One Lap Farmers Carry

10 KB/DB Deadlifts

Rest 5 min

Repeat Part 1

Rest 2 min

10 min AMRAP

Single Arm Overhead Carry-1 Lap

10 Single Arm KB/DB Push Press

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