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Week of Oct. 19 2020


A1. Front Squatxx3x5@78%

A2. 1 Arm DB Pressx5/armx5-challenging weight 5 Thrusters :15 Sled Sprint Rest 90 secondsx10 Tuesday A. Power Snatch EMOM 7- 2 reps@78% B. Scap Y,T,W with #2.5 or #5 plates x10 each wayx3

  • in between each set, work on DU!!!

6 min AMRAP 12 KB Snatches (sub KBS) 50 DU NO REST 6 min AMRAP 100 M run 6 Box Jump Overs Wednesday 40 MIN SOFT CAP 21-15-9 Deadlift Burpees over bar INTO Run 800 M INTO 21-15-9 T2B Burpees INTO Run 800 M INTO 21-15-9 Pull Up Burpee Box Jump INTO Run 800 M Thursday A1. Back squatx3x5@78% A2. DB Split Squatx5/legx5 B1. Legless Rope Climbx3 (ASSTx3x3) B2. Hollow Holdx45 Sec+10 Alternating V-Ups/Sidex3 10 min AMRAP 1 Lap Wheelbarrow or Farmers Carry

30 Air Squats

20 Lunges

10 Squat Jumps

Friday A. Clean and Jerk EMOM 7- 2 reps@78% 6 rounds 250 M Row 10 Hang Power Cleans@115/75 5 STO 30 Lateral hops over bar

Saturday TBD


15 min AMRAP

30 DU

One Lap DBALL Carry


10 V or Tuck ups

Rest 3 min

Pick a "machine"

2 min work/45 restx2

1 min work fast/90 sec "recovery" super slowx2

1 min FASTER/90 sec offx2

1 min work fast/90 sec "recovery" super slowx2

2 min work/45 restx2

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