Week of Sep. 7 2020


TJ and the 105th

105 reps of

Power Clean 135/95

Box Jump


Wall Ball


A. Back Squatx2x3@90%

B1. Strict Pull upx5x4

B2. GHD Sit upsx15x4


15/10 Cal AB

50 Air Squats

12 Pull Ups (Scale UP to 6 BarMU)


A. Clean and Jerk- 4 singles@90%

B1. 1 Arm DB Strict Press 5.3.1x4 (5 on each side, then 3, then 1)

B2. Box Walkx180 degrees each wayx4


3 rounds

50 DU

25 Push Ups

15 Deadlifts@185/125

*every 90 seconds you must complete 5 burpee box jump overs. scale this up or down to finish in about 20-30 seconds


A. Front Squatx2x3@90%

B1. One arm KB Rowx5 repsx3

B2. Chin over bar holdx15-20 secondsx3 

B3. Face Pullsx15x3

10 minutes on clock

1000m Row BUY IN



5 Power Snatch@95/65

15 KBS@53/35

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