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What is the League?

We started this last year in our gym and it was a huge success so we decided to share it with others!

A six week in-house competition.

Grab a friend and get ready for fun. Each week you will have 3 challenges to perform in a head to head battle with another team from your league. Each league will have 4 teams. The team with the best record at the end of the season is the winner. You have the entire week to complete the challenges.

League Options

RX and Scaled, MM and FF

(if we have enough interest, we will add a masters division)

RX and Scaled will match the 90% of athletes in the gym (no 30 MU for time). We are also allowing a "bench" athlete if you like. 


First match will commence February 14, 2020. The last match with end on March 27, 2020. If there is enough interest there will be an additional week(s) where the winners from each league compete against each other.


This sounds like the greatest thing since the "Hair Hat". How do I sign up?

Easy. Email with names of athletes, team name and preferred division. When you get placed with 3 other teams, I will email you back and then send your buy-in.

Buy-in? I spent all my money on a custom RPM rope. Is there really a buy-in?

Yes. Make better life choices. The price is $99 per team and includes a SICK tee shirt with your name on it. Fact. 

How do I pay you?

Venmo @ToroTraining with "The League"+Team member names (what you want on back of shirt)+division

Can I pay you more than $99 just because I want to assert my dominance over you?

Yes. I will be your bitch. For a price. 

Can my shirt say something like "Meat Sweatz" on the back? 

Yes. Or Noodle Farts or Snatches and Hoes or whatever you want. 

I'm shy and lack the courage to ask for friends. What if I don't have a partner? 

We have created a "free agent" pool for you! Add your name to the list and you will be attached to another free agent. You do not have to be together to perform the challenges-just be in contact with one another. 

I have nightmares of muscle ups. What will be expected of scaled vs RX?

Men RX- DUBS yes, HSPU yes, barmu yes, ringmu no

Women RX-DUBS yes, HSPU no, barmu no, ringmu no

Men and Women Scaled-no pull ups, yes step ups

Was there anything else you thought of? 

What about cheaters?

Just stop. Check your ego. I will be flagging scores that look fishy AF and if I request one, you have to REDO IT otherwise you forfeit the point

Is there anything else that is required?

Yes. An Assault Bike. ASSAULT. BIKE. 

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