Virtual Training Options

COVID the Destroyer is a real drag. Try these at home options to stay fit!
Option #1  Join our classes virtually-click HERE  for the schedule
If you have basic equipment, you can join in with group classes. 
Cost-$150/month for unlimited classes
$120 for 10 classes
Option #2  Online Personal Training
Get a one on one session from the comfort of your home using whatever equipment you have.
**Keep in mind, this would also be the cost if you want a virtual session that is not listed on the schedule. For example, if you and 3 friends wanted to workout at 2PM, the cost would be $70 (or $17.50 a person). So if you have a group and want to train, anything is possible!!
Option #3  Become a site member.
Use our site blog to follow workouts at home. This is a great option for experienced trainees.
Option #4  Get customized home workouts
Home workouts specific to your goals using your equipment.
Cost-$25 per "day" for the month (4 workouts)- for example, if you wanted a program for MWF the cost would be $150/month. 
Need Equipment? 
There is a limited amount of equipment for monthly rental. Please contact if interested.

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